Weekly Meetings

Weekly Meetings

This is a member’s support group – all sessions plans and monthly workshops will be discussed and agreed with members. 


Weekly Session

Meetings are every Tuesday between 7:30pm - 9:30pm at the Broad Oak Social Club Hilsea, Airport Service Road, PO3 5PB   

The group opens at 7:30pm and new members are welcomed, refreshments available - strictly no alcoholic beverages permitted within the session - participants must be alcohol and drug free at the session. During the 15 minute welcome session the group will informed about this weeks activity.

* 30 - Minute Educational Activity

Each week we have a different activity and this is an opportunity for members to share information and personal experiences, what has been supportive, personal development and steps forward relating to the topic. Followed by sharing of topic related coping strategies and tools.

* 10 - Minute refreshment break and participants will be split down into smaller groups for the open share session. Participants can sit with people they feel comfortable with but are encouraged to speak to different people every week.

* 45 Minute guided shares –

To help develop a support network members have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings, how their week has been, what they have noticed and support they would like – participants are responsible for their own wellbeing in the share and the confidentiality for themselves and others. Sharing is a powerful process in which an individual can hear their thoughts out loud, speaking aloud quietens our inner judgement (we can’t do both).  Saying our thoughts out loud gives us the opportunity to hear our own voice, connect with our feelings and start to unravel the data.  Being heard and hearing others experiences enables us to have a sense of community and relieve isolation. 

* 20 Minute Review and Close. Any final questions and a chance for people to chat on a one to one basis with fellow participants.